ECC - Explore Career Compatibility

This service is followed by a scientific process where we assist and direct learners to select from best compatible educational and occupational choices with respect to his/her innate abilities and knacks.

Objectives of ESP’s ECC Services:

ECC has its following millennium objectives to achieve in order to make sure the development
& success of learner. We are professionally committed to:

  • Assess personality type of learner
  • Assess innate abilities of learner
  • Help teachers to meet a learner’s unique pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate how well learners are prepared to profit from their educational instution’s experiences
  • Identify learner who are not up to the age
  • Support parents and learner with educational and vocational planning.

The Difference...


  • Counseling is Specific and Targeted Oriented
  • Counseling Includes Guidance
  • Counseling Comprises on Practical Aspect
  • Counseling is Relationship between Expert and Client
  • Counseling is Based on Valid & Reliable Psychometric Tests
  • Counseling Focuses on Present & Future


  • Guidance is General
  • Guidance Paves of Counseling
  • Guidance Stresses Theoretical Aspect
  • Guidance Requires no Formal Relationships
  • Guidance Based on Assumptions of the Persons/Community/Group
  • Guidance Focuses on Past

Possible personality type of learners

What could be learners' best profession?

Find Your Benefit...!!!

For Learners

  • Develops decision-making and problem solving skills
  • Facilitates career exploration and development
  • Introduces to personal interests, skills and aptitude
  • Relates educational program to future success
  • Broadens knowledge for dynamic and challenging world
  • Provides with necessary help to make a realistic educational plan

Benefits for Teachers

  • Provides an interdisciplinary team effort to address needs and educational goals of the learner
  • Enhances teaching effectiveness and directive teaching approach
  • Provides consultation to assist teachers in their role as a career guide

Benefits for School Counselor

  • Provides a clearly defined role and function
  • Eliminates non-counseling functions
  • Ensures laudable contribution in the academic mission of the learner

Benefits for Educational Institution

  • Integrates educational institution’s counseling with her academic mission
  • Provides a means of evaluating counseling programs
  • Improvement in her public image
  • Help to make realistic and targeted educational plans

Benefits for Parents

  • Increases opportunities for parent/school interaction
  • Provides support for your child’s long term educational and career planning

Benefits for Educational Policy Makers/Educational Department

  • Provides rationale for implementing a comprehensive counseling program in the educational system
  • Provides assurance that a quality counseling program is available to all learners
  • Gives ongoing information about learner’s competencies and standards for excellence attained through institution’s counseling program efforts

Benefits for Community

  • Increased opportunity for collaboration of community members with the school program
  • Creates community awareness and visibility of the educational institution’s counseling program
  • Means of integration of common mutual needs
  • Enhances economic development through quality preparation of students for their professional life
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