Diagnostic Analysis For "Late Fee Submission" Problem:

Question: What is Diagnostic Analysis of Late Fee Submission?

Answer: Diagnostic analysis for late fee submission is a new educational service launched by the Educational Services Pakistan (ESP), which is used to identify the real causes for late fee submission in educational institutions based on actual data.

Question: What is the main purpose of diagnostic analysis of late fee submission?

Answer: The main purpose of the diagnostic analysis is to identify the real causes of late fee submission relating Educational Institutions, Learners and/or their Parents/Guardians.

Question: Why educational institutions need to avail this service?

Answer: Learners and Parents/guardians/Guardians are important stakeholders (interested parties) of educational institutions. The financial health of any educational institutions is dependent on student fees. Financially stable educational institutions tend to provide quality education to their learners in an efficient and effective way as compared to educational institutions which are financially weak. The diagnostic analysis (late fee submission) facilitates educational institutions’ leadership to boost their fee recovery.

Question: How the service will be executed in an educational institution?

Answer: During diagnostic analysis, ESP’s team first guides educational institutions’ leadership and process owners to collect relevant and most specific (actual) data of at least six months. Later the collected data is analyzed through application of certain quality tools and software. A detailed report will be presented to the educational institutions showing the main causes of the problem and the possible solutions to cope with the issue.

Question: What are the benefits of Diagnostic Analysis (Late fee submission)?

Answer: There are number of benefits of diagnostic analysis (late fee submission) for educational institutions, including;

  • Development of an effective data collection mechanism in educational institutions
  • Provides foundations for evidence based decision making
  • Helps in efficient data management and maintenance
  • Identifies real causes of late fee submission in educational institutions
  • Helps in prioritizing identified causes
  • Enables educational institutions in use of quality tools
  • Helps educational institutions to find out root cause of late fee submission

Question: What is Parents Satisfaction Index?

Answer: Parental satisfaction is the degree to which parents are satisfied with the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and educational products & services, co-curricular activities, safe and secure environment, as well as provision of other support services provided to learners at educational institutions.

Question: What is the main purpose of Parents Satisfaction Index?

Answer: The main purpose of conducting parents’ satisfaction index is to evaluate the current level of satisfaction amongst learners’ parents.

Question: Why Educational institutions need to conduct Parents Satisfaction Index?

Answer: The parents’ satisfaction is an indirect way of measuring learners’ perception about quality of teaching, learning and other support services. In normal circumstances, learners feel reluctant or shy in expressing their views to avoid any punishment or loss of marks in a class or educational institutions. Parents’ satisfaction index helps educational institutions to understand the needs and expectations of learners and identify which Class/Grade/Section needs improvement.

Question: How the Parents Satisfaction Index will be executed?

Answer: During parents’ satisfaction index, the educational institutions will distribute questionnaires amongst learners’ parents provided by ESP’s team. Upon completion of filling process of all the questionnaires, the educational institution will submit the same to ESP’s team. Later, the collected data is compiled and statistically analyzed through various software. Finally, a comprehensive report (using descriptive methodology) is generated and the findings are shared with the educational institutions’ leadership.

Question: What are the benefits of conducting Parents Satisfaction Index in educational institutions?

Answer: Parents’ satisfaction index has numerous benefits for educational institutions, which are as follows:

  • Increases parents’ loyalty towards an educational institution.
  • Serves as publicity tool, hence reduce educational institutions’ marketing costs.
  • Increases annual learners’ intake (admissions) every year.
  • Promotes educational institutions’ reputation.
  • Creates positive relationship between educational institutions and other interested parties.
  • Serves as an appraisal tool during performance appraisal of teaching staff.

Question: What is Career Compatibility test?

Answer: Career compatibility test helps you analyze your personality traits and figure out which educational, professional and occupational area is the best fit for you. 

Question: Why it is necessary to do this test?

Answer: As a student most of the time you do not have a proper direction for your educational and professional career. This test helps you find a proper suitable direction in a logical way out. Rather than making a dangling choice about MOST IMPORTANT matter of your life, you must choose to adopt scientific approach.

Question: What is the difference between Career Compatibility test and Competence test?

Answer: Career Compatibility test helps you analyze your career direction while competence test helps you figure out your competence relating to curriculum you go under study.

Question: What is the benefit of Career Compatibility Test?

Answer: Career development test not only reveal strengths and weaknesses, but also help evaluate marketable skills in an unbiased manner. By marketable skills, we mean the ones that are valuable for a future employee such as quick decision-making, ability to work independently or in a team, stress tolerance etc.

Question: How can I attempt this test?

Answer: This test is online. You can attempt it on mobile, tab or computer (desktop or laptop). Strong internet connection and alternate power supply is highly recommended.

Question: How can I register and proceed for this test?

Answer: Follow these simple and easy steps:

  1. Go to main page of espc.pk and click register button.
  2. Provide your credentials and save.
  3. Go to your email inbox and check automated email for verification of your registration.
  4. Pay the test fee via bank account transfer in the account provided on website.
  5. Send the proof of your payment to our WhatsApp number (Already given on the website).
  6. You will be provided with the points to attempt the tests.
  7. Again visit espc.pk and this time click login button.
  8. Give credentials and get logged in.
  9. On your dashboard you’ll find list of 8 tests to attempt.
  10. Carry on your test and have fun.
  11. Subsequently, your report will be shared via your email.

Question: Can this test be attempted in one sitting or in multiple sittings?

Answer: Career Compatibility test can be attempted in one sitting or in multiple sittings. Important to note is that one particular test MUST be completed in one sitting. If any test is incomplete, unattended or finished early or abnormally, the candidate will not be given second chance to attempt it. Furthermore, in such case report will not be generated and your test will be considered “DEAD”. Please note that company shall not refund the fee in such case.

Question: What is personality type test?

Answer: Personality test is designed to systematically draw out information about a person's motivations, preferences, interests, emotional make-up, and style of interacting with people and situations.

Question: What is emotional intelligence test?

Answer: It helps to understand the actual intelligence behind emotions; perceiving, using, understanding and managing feelings.

Question: What are the IQ tests?

Answer: IQ tests help to diagnose intellectual abilities, disabilities and measure one's intellectual potential. It includes a variety of questions that measure logic, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Question: What is career development test?

Answer: Career test is the evaluation process of an individual's personal attributes like skills and expertise, interests, motivations, values, and personality traits for helping them to find a suitable career of their choice and natural inclination.

Question: When I will receive the report?

Answer: Reports will be sent to the given email address (provided to ESP while registration) within 4-7 working days if the test is completed in due course.

Question: What should I do after receiving the report?

Answer: After receiving the report candidate can:

  1. Proceed for report discussion with our expert counsellors to have more in-depth understanding.
  2. Follow the management plans given in the report in every section to improve the particular skill set.
  3. Follow the specific link given at the end of the report to get hands on information about:
    • Educational institutions to get the admission
    • Number of possible professions and occupations to adopt
    • Name of disciplines offered by universities pertinent to your educational interest

Question: How many times this test can be attempted and after what interval?

Answer: Though a one-time attempt may give a good insight of your traits, strengths, improvement areas, interests, intelligence and emotional quotients, however, for a more detailed and clearer insight this test should be attempted three times; each with one-year interval (Recommended).

Question: What is Instructional Supervision Service?

Answer: Instructional supervision is service containing set of activities, which are carried out with the purpose of making the teaching and learning purpose better for the learner.

Question: What is the importance of Instructional Supervision?

Answer: Instructional supervision enhances educators' professional knowledge and promotes the effectiveness of teaching activities.

Question: How important is instructional supervision to Institutional leadership and educators?

Answer: Instructional supervisory practices helps the institutional leadership to assist in improving classroom instructions and make the educators more competent and efficient; parents will be satisfied with the performance of their children.

Question: What is the purpose of Instructional Supervision?

Answer: The aims of instructional supervision are as follows:

  • To provide objective feedback to educators
  • To diagnose and solve teaching problems
  • To help educators develop their strategies and skills
  • To Evaluate educators for their performance
  • To help educators maintain a positive attitude


Question: What are the steps of instructional supervision?

Answer: There is five-stage process in instructional supervision:

  1. A pre-observation meeting between observer and educator concerning elements of the lesson to be observed will be carried out
  2. Physical classroom observation
  3. Observer analysis of notes from the observation and planning for the post-observation meeting
  4. A post-observation meeting between observer and educator
  5. Observers’ analysis of the post-observation meeting (Comprehensive Report for Management)

Question: How can I avail this service for my Institution?

Answer: Any educational institution can apply for instructional supervision service through website or by contacting on given number. On website:

  • Go to “Instructional Supervision Service” page and click “Order Now”
  • Fill the details and place the order
  • Pay the service fee via Bank transfer in Bank of Punjab, E-11 Branch, Islamabad - Account Number 0193-6020248591600017 bearing title “ESP Consultant Private Limited”
  • Send your payment receipt to WhatsApp Number 0331 015 0014
  • Order can also be placed by calling our given numbers or sending an email

Question: When I will receive the report?

Answer: Within 07 working days after the supervision process is completed.

Question: What is Educational Resource Planner - ERP?

Answer: Educational Resource Planner – ERP is an all in one software compatible for educational institutions up to college level. It includes integrated and interconnected set of modules to control, administrate and operate the affairs of the educational institution.

Question: What areas this ERP covers?

Answer: It covers almost all the areas of educational institution including but not limited to: Front Desk/Reception Management, Fee Collection and Management, Admission Management, Income & Expenditure Management, Staff & Students Attendance Management, Online & Physical Exams Management, Academics Management including Syllabus, Time Table, Homework, Fixture & Lesson Planning Management, Human Resource Management, Download and Communication Management, Library, Hostel, Transport, Inventory & Alumni Management & Budgeting etc.

Question: What extra features/facilities are there using ERP in our institutions?

Answer: You can set up your own branded certificates, Staff & Students ID cards and Progress Report/Marks Sheet. You can enjoy the multiple versions of Website (including separate domain names for each branch) of your institution integrated with the same ERP. Further, integrated Android Mobile App is also available.

Question: Can we avail ERP without Website and Mobile App?

Answer: Yes, it can be. However, it is preferred to use both facilities for a better experience.

Question: How this ERP will work for multiple branches?

Answer: Each branch should have a separate instance having separate login and passwords. For each branch a separate website showing only their data and notice boards will be deployed. However, the owner/chairman/principal can have access to all his/her branches from single place as all the branches will be inter-connected.

Question: How the old data will be added in this ERP if we are using any software previously?

Answer: If your previous software allows you to export the student data, then our software will import your old data with one click only.

Question: Is our institution's data secure and protected?

Answer: For all our customers ERPs we buy dedicated servers on cloud with full security & privacy protection certificates. So, all your data will be secure and protected.

Question: What if our data is lost/damaged?

Answer: We provide an automated backup facility. All your transactions and data is saved in your dedicated space at the Cloud on real time; meaning that you need not to save any thing, it is saved automatically whenever you perform any transaction. All the data can be restored whenever it is needed.

Question: What is educational inspection service?

Answer: Educational Inspection service is a general examination of an institution about the degree to which it follows the academic standards, good practices or other criteria and to make recommendations for improvement or corrective action.

Question: What is the need of educational inspection service?

Answer: Educational inspection plays a significant role in ensuring the quality of education, as it is almost the sole method by which stakeholders can ensure and evaluate the quality of education.

Question: What is the purpose of educational inspection?

Answer: The purpose of educational inspection service is to monitor and evaluate academic performance and development in the Institution with the aim of maintaining and improving the quality of learning of the learners.

Question: What is the process of delivering this service?

Answer: The process includes three stages;

  1. First stage is to collect information about the institution through data collection instruments (DCI’s)
  2. In Second Stage physical visit is paid to conduct the inspection in the institution
  3. In Third Stage inspection report is prepared and shared with top management

Question: How much time is needed for educational inspection?

Answer: It needs fifteen to twenty working days from stage one till stage three.

Question: How to apply for this educational inspection service?

Answer: Any educational institution can apply for educational inspection service through website or by contacting on given number. On website:

  • Go to “Educational Inspection Service” page and click “Order Now”
  • Fill the details and place the order
  • Pay the service fee via Bank transfer in Bank of Punjab, E-11 Branch, Islamabad - Account Number 0193-6020248591600017 bearing title “ESP Consultant Private Limited”
  • Send your payment receipt to WhatsApp Number 0331 015 0014
  • Order can also be placed by calling our given numbers or sending an email

Question: What is the duty of the Institution after Inspection?

Answer: It is the duty of the Institution to make improvement plan whatever the gaps will be identified in the report.

Question: How much interval is required from one inspection to the other inspection?

Answer: 01 Year

Question: What are the HR Solutions?

Answer: HR solutions are a set of functional tools that direct to manage human resources. These tools streamline essential HR processes, making it easier to manage employees throughout their careers and improve educational institution’s productivity.

Question: Why HR is important for Institutions?

Answer: HR plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture in the institution. Pay, performance management, training and development, strengthening the culture of the institution.

Question: How my Institution get benefit from Human Resource Solutions?

Answer: Institution will avail the benefits by getting the customized solutions of human resource by defining the key roles, job descriptions performance management, recruitment and selection, training and development.

Question: How much time will be needed to implement Human resource system?

Answer: It will take thirty 30 working days to implement the human resource management system.

Question: What will be included in human resource solutions?

Answer: HR related policies and procedures: recruitment policy and procedure, Job description, Performance management system defining all employees KRA’s and KPI’s.

Question: What is Educational System development?

Answer: This is educational institution’s consultancy program in which customize solutions be developed on basis of best practices at institutional level. For example different policies and procedures are developed.

Question: Why is Educational System Development service important?

Answer: Educational institutions find it difficult to develop different programs result oriented based with consistency in the working.

Question: How Institutional educational system is developed?

Answer: First educational institution is inspected and then potential gaps are identified and afterward mutual goals are identified on which system to be developed.

Question: What is need analysis?

Answer: After the inspection of the educational institutions, different gaps are identified. This is the need analysis in which educational institutions want to work on the identified gaps.

Question: How many directions of the institution does it cover?

Answer: All the working areas of educational institutions can be developed through joint meetings, deciding needs and expectations and systematically working on different modules.

Question: What is modular educational system development?

Answer: For few selected areas on which educational institutions want to develop the system is called modular system development.

Question: What are the institutional policies and procedures?

Answer: Educational institutions want to develop different policies and procedures in the light of ISO 21001:2018 EOMS (Educational Organizational Management System). A standard based solution compatible with other educational institutions at world level.

Question: How much time is needed to develop educational system?

Answer: It depends on the need of the educational institution, this can vary from one month to one year and extended up to three years in the form of complete system development.

Question: Can any Institution with multiple branches benefit from this?

Answer: Yes, it is more beneficial for the educational institutions with multiple branches by standard based working in every branch and getting fewer or lesser the same results.


Question: Why Employee Assessment Indicator (EAI) is used?

Answer: It is designed for use in employment and personal counseling settings involving activities such as career counseling, career development, and employee training, where the five personality domains (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion/Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism) are the main focus.

Question: Is the Employee Assessment Indicator (EAI) reliable?

Answer: The Employee Assessment Indicator (EAI) of personality variation has been replicated across a range of human societies, suggesting this as human universal. However, most studies of this test have been restricted to literate, urban populations, which are uncharacteristic of the majority of human evolutionary history.

Question: What did Employee Assessment Indicator (EAI) measures?

Answer: It provides a quick, reliable, and accurate measure of the five domains of personality (Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness). This measure helps organizations to select suitable candidates for the job based on the findings of the above 5 factors results.

Question: How organizations can benefit from Employee Assessment Indicator (EAI)?

Answer: EAI will nonetheless likely continue into the foreseeable future as a popular trait model of human personality. It has proved extremely useful to researchers and practitioners in a variety of areas, such as the social, clinical, and industrial-organizational domains.

Question: For whom this test is useful?

Answer: This EAI Test is useful both for professional individuals as well as the organizations.

Question: How to apply for this Employee Assessment Indicator Test service?

Answer: Any professional individual or organization/institution can apply for Employee Assessment Indicator Test service through website or by contacting on given number. On website:

  • Go to “Employee Assessment Indicator Service” page and click “Order Now”
  • Fill the details and place the order
  • Pay the service fee via Bank transfer in Bank of Punjab, E-11 Branch, Islamabad - Account Number 0193-6020248591600017 bearing title “ESP Consultant Private Limited”
  • Send your payment receipt to WhatsApp Number 0331 015 0014
  • Order can also be placed by calling our given numbers or sending an email

Question: What is the process flow of this service?


  1. Application/Order for the service through website
  2. Payment of the test
  3. Register yourself through website – espc.pk -> Register
  4. Verification of the email through the link provided to your email
  5. Take the test by logging In through website – espc.pk -> Login
  6. Take the test
  7. Receive report at your given email address
  8. Discuss report and subsequent steps, if needed.

1. How can I enroll my institution for training?

Answer: You can register yourself by going on the shop icon and registering yourself or your institution for the particular training. You can also go the page “Training & Development Services – TDS” from the main page and press the button “Order Now” to your desired training (One Day Training – OR – Certificate – OR – Diploma Program).

2. How my institution can get benefits from training?

Answer: Through TNA and defining mutual objectives and your institution can get benefit from it.

3 What is TNA?

Answer: TNA stands for training need analysis. It is a systematic procedure for judging the learner abilities and finding the deficiencies and developing the training modules. It is the form of customize training.

4. What are one-day training sessions?

Answer: One-day training session means a brief and compact orientation of the topics in which few objectives will be covered.

5. What is the duration of one-day training session?

Answer: It can be three to four hours session but there can be two sessions of seven hours; however, the content will be covered and delivered in one day only.

6. What is modular training?

Answer: It is a short duration program of “Certification” and long duration program is “Diploma” program.

7. What is the duration of modular training?

Answer: Short duration program will be of ten days in every weekend (Two and half months) and long duration programs will be of 24 days at every weekend (Six months).

8. Would these training programs will be physical or online?

Answer: In both forms.

9. What would be the impact of these trainings on trainees?

Answer: The optimal modifications in current skills and overall measurable upgradations in teaching.

Question: What is creative writing?

Answer: Creative writing is a skill in English language in which a learner starts to write what he/she thinks.  It’s a skill which is used by your imagination and creativity to express ideas and thoughts in a way which is personal to you.

Question: What is the mechanism of this product?

Answer: It is very simple. It’s a grade wise bunch of exercises and activities which goes on to a difficulty level gradually starting from “Basic Level” till “Advanced Level”. Basic levels starts with pictures to sentences and then moves on to different writing forms (Narrative, Descriptive and expository etc); however, guidelines are given at every step.

Question: Do I need any preliminary skill to attempt creative writing?

Answer: Not as such. To start with the Basic Level, general understanding and identification of words is required to commence working for creative writing. Matching pictures with words will add a benefit.

Question: From which class does this service starts?

Answer: It starts from Grade – 1.

Question: Does it start from story writing or sentence writing?

Answer: There are many methods to learn creative writing, however, in this course sentence writing to paragraph writing approach is opted.

Question: How much time is required to complete this creative writing course?

Answer: Total 64 weeks are required as a normal working routine. Different learners complete it in different time.

Question: How the levels of creative writing service works?

Answer: It works in three levels;

  1. Basic level is designed for learners of grade one and grade two.
  2. Intermediate level is designed for learners of grade three and grade four.
  3. Advance level is designed for learners of grade five.

Question: What will the student learn in Basic Level?

Answer: After completing the basic level, the learner will be able to write two to six words sentence with the help of picture. Further, the learner will also be able to identify the sentences.

Question: What will the student learn in Intermediate Level?

Answer: After completing the intermediate level, the learner will be able to write paragraph of five sentences creatively on any given topic.

Question: What will the student learn in Advanced Level?

Answer: After completing the advance level, the learner will be able to write an essay comprising of three paragraphs.

Question: What ability does the student acquire after completing these three levels?

Answer: The learner will be able to write creatively, will be able to express his personal ideas and will be able to write blogs & articles.

Question: What would be the benefit for Institutions?

Answer: The institution will be able to market themselves over their focus on creative writing skills. The institutions can highlight the importance of creative writing within its circle. The institutions can show its efforts to the parents of school students about creative writing skills. Institutions can benefit by competing at national and international level for essay writing competitions. Further, Institutions can start their own newsletter and propagate for brand image.

Question: Is this Creative Writing service aligned with Single National Curriculum (SNC)?

Answer: Yes, creative writing service is aligned with single national curriculum.

Question: What are the abilities and knowledge require for teachers?

Answer: Teachers should be able to teach according to curriculum, ability to manage classrooms and know the best methods to evaluate the learners.

Question: How good and qualitative teachers can be hired?

Answer: Through standard based test in which teachers can be evaluated by their knowledge level grade wise, pedagogical skills and behavioral skills.

Question: Does any standard criteria exist for teachers hiring?

Answer: Still in the market, no standard criteria exist for teachers hiring. However, ESP has it developed it’s own standard criteria based on huge experience and practices.

Question: What is teacher-hiring test?

Answer: This is a standard test for teachers hiring by checking their knowledge level (Low order thinking skills - LOTS to high order thinking skills - HOTS), pedagogical skills (Objectives, Content, Methodology and Assessment) and behavioral skills.

Question: Is this test physical or online?

Answer: This test is online.

Question: How educational institutions can get help from teacher-hiring test?

Answer: The educational institutions can register for this service with company by sending list of all the applicants of the eligible candidates. We’ll generate the login IDs of all the applicants and will send the test links to the institutions. The candidates will appear in the test and subsequently, their test reports will be sent to educational institutions via email.

Question: How this test can be useful for institutions?

Answer: ESP will provide the standard based teacher hiring test system with detailed report, for this Institutions will get the benefits from this test effortlessly.

Question: Does this test evaluate the existing teachers of the institutions?

Answer: Yes, this test provides the base of TNA (Training need analysis) to the institutions by evaluating the existing teachers and providing the comprehensive reports. In the light of the report so generated, teachers can be trained as per the actual need to give win-to-win situation both to the candidate and the institution.

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