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What is Parents’ Satisfaction in Educational Institutions?

Educational institutions are identified by their reputation at local, regional and international levels, hence there is a growing recognition among academics and educational practitioners that educational institutions’ leadership and management must focus efforts to promote their educational institutions’ reputation.

Educational institutions’ reputation, as understood by a range of interested parties (stakeholders), is critical because it positively influences interested parties’ attitudes towards the educational institution. The details of interested parties in terms of educational organizations is given below:

The voice of customers (VOCs) i.e., feedback of the interested parties especially the satisfaction of parents can play a vital role, in order to improve educational institution reputation. But, the question arises that “what does parents’ satisfaction mean in context of an educational institution”.

Parental satisfaction is the “degree to which parents are satisfied with the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, educational products & services, co-curricular activities, safe and secure environment, as well as provision of other support services to their children (students) at educational institutions”.

Benefits of Parents’ Satisfaction for Educational institutions

If the satisfaction level of parents is high, the educational institutions can get benefits in numerous ways. Some of the benefits may be as under:

  1. The high degree of parents’ satisfaction can increase parents’ loyalty towards an educational institution.
  2. The highly satisfied parents can be publicity tools for an educational institution, hence can reduce educational institutions’ marketing costs.
  3. The more the parents are satisfied, there could be more chances of increased students’ intake every year. The highly satisfied parents can pursue and attract other parents through their words of mouth.
  4. The increased level of parents’ satisfaction can influence and promote educational institutions’ reputation.
  5. The high degree of parents’ satisfaction can create positive relationship between educational institution and other interested parties. (Such as students, parents, teachers, staff members etc.)
  6. The parents’ satisfaction survey will enable educational institution leadership that which Class/Grade/Section is performing good or bad.
  7. The parents’ satisfaction survey can serve as an appraisal tool and will facilitate educational institution leadership during performance appraisal of teaching staff.

Purpose of Parents’ Satisfaction Index Service

There are different purposes to opt this service:

  • The main purpose of this parents’ satisfaction index service is to evaluate the current level of satisfaction amongst parents of students of any Educational institution.
  • The parents’ satisfaction is an indirect way of measuring learners’ perception about quality of teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as other support services. In normal circumstances, learners feel reluctant or shy in expressing their view to avoid any punishment or loss of marks in a class or educational institution.
  • The parents’ satisfaction index service can help educational institutions to better understand the needs and expectations of learners through their parents.
  • Another purpose of this parents’ satisfaction index service is to identify which Class/Grade/Section needs improvement.
  • Last but not least, it provides baseline to ESP team for further facilitation to educational institution during consultancy phase.
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